“Taking Recruiting to a Hire Power”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it actually take in a job search from the time a consultant calls me until I interview or accept a job offer?

It varies considerably with each circumstance.  Our recruiters work on very specific search parameters defined by our client.  You may be called on an opportunity within a short amount of time from initially speaking with one of our consultants - or it may be several months before the right opportunity arises.

Do I frequently “check in” with anyone at Honey Wess International?

We always welcome your phone call or emails.  We are always looking for the right opportunity for you, according to your skill set. With tracking job openings at any given time, there may be a time you hear of an opportunity on your own where we haven’t called you.  If you want to contact us to act as a third party access to gain more information confidentially about a position, we provide this service to you free of cost - it’s just a phone call away.

Will all the information I share with you be confidential?

Everything we discuss with you remains strictly confidential.  The only time we share any information is when you have given us your permission.

What’s the advantage to working with a consultant instead of answering job ads or sending out my own resume?

By working on your own, you may be sending your resume on a blind ad to your own employer!  Not good!  By working with a consultant who has industry knowledge, you are in the best possible position.  Our consultants know your background through search parameters and is best able to determine whether an opportunity will further your career objectives.  In addition, our consultants are heavily networked throughout NE Ohio and can get your resume directly in the hands of a decision-maker.

When I choose to work with a consultant at Honey Wess International will I always work with the exact same person?

At HWI we work as a team.  Please be assured that we share our candidate knowledge amongst one another to ensure each candidate has the best opportunity for any and all job openings in our database.