“Taking Recruiting to a Hire Power”

Open Positions


All candidates must pass a criminal background check and drug test.

Having a criminal conviction will not necessarily prohibit us from working with someone, however, lying about it will.

All candidates must be able to provide at least 2 professional references.

If you are interested in any of these positions please email your resume to Honey Wess at honey@honeywessintl.com.


Our growing recruitment firm is seeking a qualified, dependable staffing/recruitment coordinator for our busy offices.

Main duties of this position are:

1.  Candidate Resume

2.  Interview Notes

3.  Candidate Application

4.  Other Pertinent Information Regarding the Candidate

Our office is located in Twinsburg.  If you have internet access, your own computer and printer/scanner, phone service including long distance, and an active cell phone with long distance, this can be a work-from-home position.  Persons applying for this position should plan to be out in the field conducting interviews 3 days/week, and can work from home the other 2 days per week.  To do this, you must also have reliable transportation, and a valid driver’s license.  You will select where you will meet the candidates--you do not need to go to Twinsburg to meet them, but can if you choose.  This position allows you to work a flexible schedule.

Candidates for this position should possess all of the following:

Be able to prioritize duties, and determine which tasks need to be performed first.