“Taking Recruiting to a Hire Power”

Our Recruitment Process

The key to a successful job search is the right combination of perseverance and flexibility. The job seeker stands a better chance of landing the right opportunity by setting reasonable expectations and waiting for a good offer, rather than take up the first available offer.

Understanding Your Company
Our goal at Honey Wess International is to help your business grow and succeed by improving and enhancing the quality of your organization’s staff.  To do this we will gain a full understanding of your company by learning about your products, services, industry and your corporate culture.  Our experience and results driven recruiting process acts as a consultant to your company.

Managing the Screening Process
HWI will develop a list of specific screening questions that meet with your approval to ensure that all of your needs are addressed.  We will screen all candidates that are submitted to us via referral or through internet searches, as well as any matches that are in our extensive database or personal networks.

In addition to your customized pre-screening questions, HWI will test and verify technical skills by utilizing the assistance of subject matter experts, when appropriate, during the candidate’s first interview with us.  Our staffing specialist will then perform all necessary reference checks and coordinate and schedule interviews with your hiring manager.

Our candidates are only presented after we have:

Personally met with each candidate

Briefed them on the position and they have expressed their interest

Verified that they have the required skill set

Received satisfactory reference checks

When investing with HWI, you can be sure that you are getting an employee with the technical, professional and interpersonal skills necessary to fill the position.

Filling the Talent Pool
Our staffing and recruiting team is constantly recruiting and pre-screening individuals by conducting interviews, reference checks and testing in advance.  We invest time in the front process so we can fill your requirements faster, with the best qualified candidates.  We are highly involved in industry events, national and professional associations and virtual communities. We are constantly out in the field seeking the best talent to join our ranks.  Often the best candidate for your open position is not actively looking.  At HWI, we network with our best people for invaluable references. Most often the best consultants or employees prefer to work with a recruiter to find the best opportunities.

Delivering the Candidate
Once the candidate is approved by your hiring manager, HWI will serve as an intermediary during the offer and negotiation process.  Search fees are an investment.  Therefore it is our policy to perform periodic performance maintenance checks with both the candidate and the hiring manager throughout the first 12 month period.  The satisfaction of our clients and candidates are crucial to the success of all parties involved.